Male Yeast Infection - Foreskin Symptoms

Published: 03rd November 2009
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Male yeast infection foreskin symptoms are easy enough to spot. But they can be signs of things other than penile yeast infection, so always consult your doctor. Here, you'll learn the symptoms of yeast infection in men, it's causes and treatment.

What are the symptoms of yeast infection of the penis?

The most common are -- red and inflamed head (glans); blister-like spots on glans; dry /flaky skin at top of foreskin; severe itching; pain when you urinate; you might have an unusual discharge; you'll be having pain / difficulty with sex; you might even be impotent.

What's the cause of my yeast infection?

The cause is a yeast-like fungus called Candida Albicans which loves the warm, moist areas of our bodies. And the area under your foreskin is ideal. But normally the Candida fungus is kept in check by your body's friendly bacteria so you don't have any problems.

However, if your good bacteria becomes depleted, the fungus can overgrow causing your yeast infection. The levels of your bacteria can be affected by things like antibiotics, steroids, poor nutrition (unhealthy diet), lowered immune system, HIV/AIDS, etc. And the fungus can be encouraged by things like too much sugar, diabetes, etc.

Does sex cause male yeast infection foreskin symptoms?

No. But although sex doesn't 'cause' an infection, the sex act can 'transfer' an infection from an infected partner to the other. Remember that the area behind the glans and under your foreskin is an ideal breeding ground for the Candida Albicans fungus. Ideally, you should stop all sex until your infection is cleared.

How do I treat my infection?

Normally you'd use over-the-counter or prescription topical creams for penile yeast infection. This can help and normally you'd expect your symptoms to disappear in about a week or so.

But what many men are finding is that the symptoms can go away only to return again. This is down to these drug-based medications attacking the local symptoms rather than the underlying root cause. And the fact that the Candida Albicans can become drug-resistant. So the outcome for many men (and women) is recurring yeast infections.

So how do I get round this?

Well, more and more men and women are looking to 100% natural home-based remedies without all the downsides of expensive drug-based treatments. This natural holistic approach uses herbs, fruits, vegetables, dietary improvements, natural supplements, lifestyle changes where necessary, and more.

And this approach is bringing fast, permanent relief from yeast infections to thousands of folks around the world, with some reports of relief within as little as 12 hours.

If you want to discover just how they managed it, go to right now, and get the facts on how you too can get relief from yeast infection fast and permanently, without expensive drugs.

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