How to Stop Panic Attacks and Get Rid of Anxiety Without Drugs

Published: 03rd June 2010
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Want to know how to stop panic attacks and, in doing so, help get rid of your anxiety? Here, you'll discover what causes your panic attacks, how to eliminate them, and, how this helps get rid of your general anxiety. And you don't need drugs either.

It is possible to have such high anxiety levels that a further increase in stress or anxiety can actually trigger a panic attack. And this is how many attacks occur. The sufferer is already under a great deal of stress or anxiety, for any number of reasons, and some stressful event, such as being in a very crowded supermarket, can push their levels so high that a panic attack is triggered.

The problem about having a panic attack, is that the symptoms are so horrifying that you just don't ever want to repeat it. Unfortunately, that very fear of an attack happening again can be the very thing that can trigger it. And when you think about it, it makes sense. Since an increase in anxiety over a certain limit can cause an attack, and, your fear of having another attack just adds to that general anxiety.

But there are two things going on here, your underlying general anxiety and your panic attacks. Generally, your doctor will prescribe drugs to help control mood and to help calm you. But, although they can work fine for some people, they don't for others. And there are some serious side effects that can put people off.

You can also use non-drug therapies such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, support groups, yoga, other relaxation techniques and acupuncture, etc. And often these are combined with drug-based medication to good effect.

But, whichever route you take, there is one critical issue that can hold back your eventual cure, and that is your fear of panic attacks, either subconscious or realized. As long as you have this, it can be difficult to deal with your underlying general anxiety, because your fear feeds your anxiety. It is a vicious anxiety cycle that you need to break out of.

And you do that by ridding yourself of your fear of panic attacks. Once you can do this, you stop having attacks, so that you can then concentrate on getting rid of your general anxiety, which you can by totally natural means, without expensive drugs with their horrible side effects.

At the heart of this natural approach is to confront your fear head-on and so help to diffuse it. And there are techniques to help you do this. I can't go into the details here, but the following exercise will illustrate a key plank of the effectiveness of confronting your fear...

Make yourself have a panic attack right now! Go on, do everything you can to have one. See what I mean? You can't make yourself have one, because you're confronting your fear by trying to trigger one. And in confronting that fear, you're diffusing it.

Next, for more information about the simple ONE MOVE technique that will eliminate your fear factor and so break your vicious cycle of anxiety, please go here now and get your old self back again.

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